Everyday Dre’

Some of us on ITD (Inside the Dodgers) call Andre Everyday Dre’ because that is exactly what he is.  Everyday he is in the lineup he makes something happen, whether it’s with the bat, in right field, or his amazing impact in the community (both in Los Angeles and Phoenix). He was given the name about this time last year (maybe a little later) by one of our favorite ITD bloggers dcollins.  This was during the time he was kind of being jerked around the lineup or not even in the lineup at all, due to management thinking others players deserved playing time over Andre, but as the 2008 season rolled on, management found out that wasn’t the case.  Andre needed to be out there because he made things happen everytime he took the field.

Last night’s game was a perfect example.  Through seven innings, I was thinking Andre just isn’t getting it done, but then he always pulls through and gets it done, and I feel guilty for doubting it.  I know he is going to have his bad days.  They all do, but I am hoping for him this season they are few and far between. 

On another note about last night’s game. I saw the interview they did with Andre after the game, and anytime he is asked about his performance, whether it’s a good day or not, he always compliments the pitching.  He didn’t make excuses for his first three at bats.  He complimented DeLaRosa on a great job in pitching instead.  He also mentioned the maturity in the team, which I think is becoming pretty evident.  This is going to be another great season to be a Dodger fan.


One more thing.  I was at the game on Thursday night, and I don’t think there is too many things in life much better than being at Dodger Stadium watching Dodger baseball.  The one thing that made it even better this time, is I got to be there with my family, who I love eventhough they are Giants fans, and Dodgereric (one of my blogging buddies on ITD) and his family, who are just wonderful.  Thank you Eric, Chris and Matt for making it an extra special game.  



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