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A Week At Home Playing the “B” Teams – The Brewers And The Braves

There aren’t too many highlights for the Dodgers, as a team, this past week. Well, there is always highlights.  Matt Kemp made some fabulous catches, as well as Juan Pierre and Andre. Rafael Furcal and Orlando made some fantastic plays at their respective positions. And Casey Blake hit a three-run homerun on Friday night. Then there is Andre, who had another walk-off homerun, which was obviously a remarkable thing to see and hear as Vin Scully and Charlie Steiner announced the dramatic end to Thursday night’s game against the Braves.  As good as those highlights were, we only took 2 of the last 7 games at home. One of those games was on Tuesday. We pounded the Brewers 17-4, where Andre went 3 for 6 with 3 runs and 2 RBIs. Our second win of the week came on Thursday, when Andre, in his 5th dramatic fashion of the season, belted another walk-off hit (his 3rd walk-off homerun) to beat the Braves 5-4. He now leads the majors in walk-offs this season. Another tidbit about this past week was on Saturday, Andre was walked 4 times. That’s the most he has had in a single game in his career.  However, this week was all about the Brewers and the Braves, who seemed to do everything right and catch all the well-deserved breaks for the other five games. 

As far as the Dodgers, going 5 and 5 in the last ten games and going 2 and 7 in the series with the Brewers and the Braves together doesn’t actually represent a winning team right now. There is alot of debate on Inside the Dodgers on the cause, along with all the other Dodger blogs as well. Most of the debate is over our pitching and where it is heading and/or the Dodgers issues with RISP. It seems like when pitching is working, we can’t score runs, and when we are scoring runs, the pitchers are imploding. I guess that is why everything looks good on paper until the game is actually played.

Well, how did Andre do this week? He didn’t do too, too bad in terms of total numbers for the week. He reached base safely in 6 of the 7 games played this week, with 7 hits (1 monster walk-off homerun), 7 runs, and 6 RBIs. He also had 5 walks (4 in one game), and he struck out 5 times. Some other good news as well. Andre only grounded into one double play this week. This is the one category we would rather somebody else take the lead in the NL.

Some noteworthy stats for the week…………………

Andre leads the entire league in walk-off hits, in which three of them have been homeruns. It was great seeing his name splashed all over ESPN and any other news program that featured sports that day.

Andre leads the team in homeruns (23) and is 9th in the NL. Pujols and Reynolds (co-leaders) currently have 36, and then it drops to Adam Dunn at 3rd with 30.

Andre leads the team in RBIs (73) and is 11th in the NL. He is also only 4 away from matching his career high (77) from last season.

Andre leads the team in runs scored (69) and is 10th in the NL.

Andre leads the team in BB (54) and is 17th in the NL.  He is also only 5 away from matching last season’s total. 

Andre leads the team in SLG % with .510 and is 18th in the NL.

Andre leads the team in total bases (212) and is 11th in the NL.

Andre leads the team in GIDPs, but he has moved down to tied for 4th in the NL. That is a good sign.

So, Andre, with his two NL Player of the Week nods, is still keeping up the pace, and hopefully the Dodgers, as a team, will pick up the pace and start getting into their winning ways again. However, no matter how badly things go sometimes, they are still our team………………… The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Until next week, have fun watching America’s Pastime.

Debbie ~



Sunday Stats and More ~ The Week Ending June 21st




The Dodgers ~

The Dodgers have had a pretty good week this week.  In the series against Oakland, we took the series 2 out of the 3 at Dodger Stadium, and in the series against the freeway rivals, the Angels, we took the series winning 2 out of 3 at Angels Stadium. The Dodgers record is now 46-24, and we are 8 games in front in our division, with Giants taking up the 2nd place spot for now, while the Rockies are just behind them at 9.5 back but are on a current 16 wins out of 17 games tear right now. 

The Dodgers have Monday off as they travel to Chicago, facing a three game series against the White Sox, and then they come home to face the Seattle Mariners for a weekend series beginning Friday, June 26th. The Dodgers have yet to lose more than two games in a row, and they have only lost three series’, which is just fabulous!!!


Andre’s Stats ~ Season to Date

Andre didn’t have the greatest week in terms of a whole bunch of hits or homeruns, but he did have a key at bat against the Angels Saturday night, where he got a 2-Run triple at a very crucial time during the game and pretty much sealed the deal on that game for the Dodgers.  His June numbers are looking good, but here are his numbers for the season to date.  In some areas he is close to surpassing(or already surpassed) his 2008 numbers. 

Games – 68

At Bats – 250

TPAs – 290

Runs – 36

Hits – 67

XBH – 27

HR – 11 (leads the team)

RBI – 43 (3rd behind Loney and Blake)

TB – 117

BB – 32

SO – 49

SB – 4

OBP – .359

SLG – .468

AVE – .268

SF – 3

HBP – 5 (leads the team)

IBB – 6

GDP – 12 (leads the team)

NP – 1201

Ave number of pitches per at Bat – 4.14 (2nd behind Casey Blake with 4.25) …Russell Martin is 3rd with 4.13, and JP is last out of the starters with 3.11. 

OPS – .865

Andre is batting .300 for the month of June so far, which is much better than his .211 for May. For the month of June so far Andre has 21 hits, 5 of which were home runs, along with 4 doubles, 1 triple, 5 BB and 13 RBIs, with 7 runs scored so far this month.  

I will check in next weekend as I am part of the ITD (Inside the Dodgers) group that is taking the tour of Dodger Stadium next Saturday, along with taking in the Saturday night game against the Mariners with many of our fellow bloggers on ITD.  This is sure to be a great time.


Take Care Dodger and Baseball fans!!!   

Back to Back Walk-Offs Makes For a Great Way to Come out of a Slump


I can’t believe it’s been that long since my last entry on this blog, but being a teacher in my last two weeks of school is the reason.  The interesting thing is that Andre up until this last week, really hasn’t done too much.  In fact, he was in a pretty big slump, and was just showing signs of coming out of it when all of a sudden this last week, he has come back to being the Andre we know he can be. 

I am one of the faithful bloggers on Inside the Dodgers (ITD), and it has been talked about how when young players go through major slumps like Andre did and survive it, it just makes them that much stronger of a ballplayer later on and shows they are well on their way to be a big time major league player.  Well, in the last few days, Andre has, once again, made a name for himself in the MLB media train.  And this time without the “so-called” help of Manny Ramirez. 

It was also reported on ITD that this is the 6th time in two years that Andre has had a walk-off hit, and that he is the only one to do that in the entire league. 

Also, during the first 6 days in June, he has had 4 runs, 9 hits, in which 3 were doubles and 3 were home runs, and 5 RBI’s.  His batting average for June is .391, with an OBP of .417 and a SLG of .913.  Andre may not have had a stellar May, but he is having a tremendous start to the month of June. 

I will be back tomorrow with my Everyday Dre Sunday Stats.   


Everyday Dre’

Some of us on ITD (Inside the Dodgers) call Andre Everyday Dre’ because that is exactly what he is.  Everyday he is in the lineup he makes something happen, whether it’s with the bat, in right field, or his amazing impact in the community (both in Los Angeles and Phoenix). He was given the name about this time last year (maybe a little later) by one of our favorite ITD bloggers dcollins.  This was during the time he was kind of being jerked around the lineup or not even in the lineup at all, due to management thinking others players deserved playing time over Andre, but as the 2008 season rolled on, management found out that wasn’t the case.  Andre needed to be out there because he made things happen everytime he took the field.

Last night’s game was a perfect example.  Through seven innings, I was thinking Andre just isn’t getting it done, but then he always pulls through and gets it done, and I feel guilty for doubting it.  I know he is going to have his bad days.  They all do, but I am hoping for him this season they are few and far between. 

On another note about last night’s game. I saw the interview they did with Andre after the game, and anytime he is asked about his performance, whether it’s a good day or not, he always compliments the pitching.  He didn’t make excuses for his first three at bats.  He complimented DeLaRosa on a great job in pitching instead.  He also mentioned the maturity in the team, which I think is becoming pretty evident.  This is going to be another great season to be a Dodger fan.


One more thing.  I was at the game on Thursday night, and I don’t think there is too many things in life much better than being at Dodger Stadium watching Dodger baseball.  The one thing that made it even better this time, is I got to be there with my family, who I love eventhough they are Giants fans, and Dodgereric (one of my blogging buddies on ITD) and his family, who are just wonderful.  Thank you Eric, Chris and Matt for making it an extra special game.  


A Homerun and a First Place

It was great to see Andre back into the swing of things, literally.  With a triple on Tuesday, a 2-run home run on Wednesday, and a walk on Thursday, Andre is doing what Andre does best, getting on base and driving in runs.  The at-bat that was most impressive was the triple because it means his injury is healing just fine. 


With Manny being signed on Wednesday, that just made the Dodgers that much stronger, and if all the starters stay healthy, this lineup can be unstoppable.  From what I have read up to now, I am guessing Andre will either be batting 3,4 or 5th depending on what they do with Manny in the lineup.  If Manny bats 3rd, James Loney and Andre will bat 4th or 5th, and if he bats 4th, Matt Kemp or Andre may bat third. Either way you look at it, this lineup is just fabulous.  When Russell Martin or Casey Blake are going to be batting 7th and 8th, that is a very good thing. 


On another note about Andre. In my last post I had mentioned a song one of my first grade students wrote about Andre.  Well, that song won first place in that category at our school writing festival, and now it is heading to the county level. My class also won three other Dodger-related writing awards. One was a biographical narrative on Jackie Robinson (tie for 1st place), an acrostic poem written for one our beloved Inside the Dodgers bloggers, Dodgereric (first place),and a Friendly Letter which was a thank you letter written to Dodgereric as well (first place). All of these writings will be heading to the county level as well.   


So lots of exciting stuff happening both in Dodger Baseball and in my first grade classroom.    





My Minime Ethieraholic

     For three full years now, I have introduced my first graders to the love of baseball, with each year adding more and more things to my curriculum to enhance the experience.  Well, as I start out the year, I always stress the love of baseball, rather than the team I cherish most, the Dodgers.  However, for some reason this year, most of my class has latched onto the love of the Dodgers like no other classes have.  Maybe it’s too make me happy, and maybe it’s not, but nonetheless, it’s been a phenomenon. 

     One of many phenomenons related to the Dodgers in my classroom, has been one of my girls who has literally become just like me in the sense she wants to know everything and anything about Andre Ethier.  Now, there are a few others that have joined her in the efforts, but I credit her as being the original.  Everyday she writes a story or draws a picture about or for Andre.  As copied below she even wrote her own song for him.  Andre does know about the song, and it has been posted on his blog, Dining with Dre, as well as Inside the Dodgers and Dodgerlyrics.  So, around ITD she is known as My Minime Ethieraholic. 


PIC-0264[1] (2).jpgSong : You Are Our Andre –
by: Elaina – 1st grader in Mrs. Nelson’s Class
Original Song: You Are My Sunshine
You are our Andre
Our only Andre
You make us happy
When you play ball
You never know ‘Dre
How much we watch you
Please don’t trade our Andre away.

Arbitration for Andre

    I know I was supposed to begin my “You might be and Ethieraholic if…..” posts, but we still have a few days before Spring Training games start, and I think right now, his arbitration hearing tomorrow, is more important.  It’s probably just another indication that I am an Ethieraholic because this topic of Andre having to go to an Arbitration hearing after the season he had last year is just mind boggling to say the least. 

    I have been very outspoken on this topic on ITD, and I think that it needs to be said here as well.  This is the wrong Dodger player to try to do this to considering what kind of a player he was last season.  IMO, he persevered through one of the most adverse seasons for him and his 2007 season wasn’t a piece of cake either.  He had to compete during Spring Training last season for the left field position when the Dodgers back on December 6th of 2007, acquired centerfielder Andruw Jones, leaving Andre, Matt Kemp and Juan Pierre to compete for the remaining two spots. 

    Eventhough he proved that he should be the everyday left fielder, it didn’t work out that way for the first few months of the season, due to Furcal being on the DL and management feeling Juan Pierre was better suited in the lead-off role.  Andre continued to do what Andre does best, both on and off the field with the many charity organizations he gave his time to in the city of Los Angeles and his own mlblog, Dining With Dre.  He never once complained to the media about playing time and always took his role on the team in stride.  He has been an outstanding athlete, his fans adore him, and it’s just a little frustrating to see him have to go through this because of all that he accomplished last season.  It doesn’t seem too rewarding to take a player that helped get you to the post season and make him go through this process.  It seems more like a punishment IMO.   

    I just wanted to take this time to wish Andre the best in his arbitration hearing tomorrow, and I hope it doesn’t have any negative affects on him, which will encourage him to seek out other offers when he becomes a free agent.  I am a Dodger fan first, but this is one Dodger who I would really hate to lose when he gets a chance to go elsewhere if he chooses.   

Where Did it Come From?

I am a Dodger fan who lives in the central valley of California who not only lives in Giant country, but lives with Giants fans. I have been a Dodger fan my whole life, but in the recent years, I have become more than just a casual fan. It’s probably more like borderline obsessed, but I would assume anybody writing their own mlblog is most likely obsessed themselves. What has turned me into a Dodger fanatic is my involvement in the official blog of the Dodgers “Inside the Dodgers” or as we call it ITD.

When I initially became involved with ITD, it was because I was having some major issues with the way playing time was being handled when it came to Andre. Now, having been a regular on ITD for almost a year now, the Dodgers and ITD have become part of everyday life. However, the fanatic Andre fan in me still remains and because of that and others on ITD with the same fanatic behavior, the name Ethieraholic was created. It’s creator of the term is dodgereric, who is also a regular on ITD and is the creator of another Dodger blog, dodgerlyrics. So, I am using the term with permsission from him of course.

In my opinion, Andre is one of the best ballplayers out there, with the heart and passion to match, who just manages to fall under the radar when good things happen for him. I am sure he doesn’t mind, but his faithful followers do mind. We want Andre to shine like the star athlete he can and will be if he is just given the chance. So, my intent with this blog is to show my love for the boys in blue while writing about my favorite boy in blue, Andre Ethier.