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#20 and Going Strong


I know it’s been a while, a real long while since I wrote my last entry, and I will try to be better.  I spend most of my time on Inside the Dodgers blogging with my Dodger Buddies over there.  I have had writers block when it comes to writing on here.  Many have said Andre has been slumping in terms of batting average, and I feel I have been slumping in the writing department. 

Anyhow, enough about me.  I know last night’s game was all about Manny’s Grand Slam, but I will let all the other blogs talk about that.  Andre, in his own right, reached another milestone last night.  He has had a few this season already………….a few walk-off games, a few games with multiple home runs and a couple games with back to back home runs.  Last night he reached his 20th homerun of the season, which matches his season high from last year.  With 2+ months left to go in the regular season, Andre is very capable of hitting 30-35 before the season is done. 

Andre is currently leading the Dodgers in homeruns and RBIs, and he is 10th in HR’s for the National League and he is tied for 19th with three others in the entire league.  With the exception of Albert Puljols, who has 34, all the others in the National League have 25 or less.  So, Andre can easily be in the top 5 in the NL by the end of the season if he keeps this pace up. 

As for the Dodgers as a team, they are looking pretty good on all fronts.  Those of us talking on ITD feel that we may need to strengthen pitching, but most are in agreement that we don’t want to give up the farm to get a SP.  We are hoping for the best as our GM will be taking it down to the wire before making a deal, if one is to be made. 

So, until next time, which will hopefully be sooner than later, I wish you and which every team you are a part of, the best.  Dodgers are my favorite team, but I am a fan of baseball, and a good player or a good team is fun to watch regardless of your ties to a certain team.  Yes, we all have our rivals, but it’s still great to see good baseball played.  On that note, I would like to congratulate Mark Buehrle, of the Chicago White Sox, for his perfect game today.  Now, that is good baseball!!!  


A Birthday of a Dodger Player and the Birthday of Dodger Stadium

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRE!!!!  Today our Everyday Dre’ turns 27. This is the age where most mlb players make their mark, and I have no doubts Andre will make his this year.  Just in the last two games, he has been walked 5 times and today was hit by a pitch.  Whether these are intentional or not, it’s obvious that pitchers view Andre as a threat and pitch to him accordingly.

The Dodgers are playing the Diamondbacks today.  So, not only will Andre be celebrating his 27th birthday, he will be celebrating it in his hometown. 

Like I have said before, I have a class full of Dodger fans, and some of them have taken to the Ethieraholic status for themselves.  The don’t call themselves Ethieraholics (they don’t even know I am one).  They just know every detail of his baseball player being…………….all the stats.  Each student did their own card for Andre, which have been sent to him, but here is a picture of a few of the best that were done.  



Not only is this Andre Ethier’s birthday, it is also the Birthday of Dodger Stadium.  On April 10, 1962, Dodger Stadium opened its gates to a crowd of 52,564.  The Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds and lost that game 6-3.  Here is a link to one of the best websites if you are a Dodger fan or just a baseball fan who loves the history.  This explains the opening day at Dodger Stadium in much more detail than I ever could here, with some great photos as well.   







What a Day for Kersh!……and Andre Talk of Course!

Not only did Clayton Kershaw celebrate his 21st birthday, but he hit his first major league home run as well.  However, in terms of pitching, he pitched five complete scoreless innings.  So, if you are a Dodger fan, pitching is pretty much a priority right now, and that might even be more important than the homerun he hit.


As for Andre….finally a good day at the plate and on the field from what I was told. He went 2 for 4 with a run scored and an amazing sliding catch on the defensive end of things.  It was good just seeing and hearing he made contact all four times at the plate, whether caught stealing/picked off or not versus the three strikeouts against Oakland earlier in the week. 


On another note.  I got my first Dodgers Magazine today, and it’s just fabulous.  It made me excited about getting the regular season started.  Also, the pictures taken from Camelback Ranch were spectacular.  There were some great articles, and it’s always good to look at all the photos of  the players and such.  There is a great article featuring Andre.  He is asked nine questions about his home state of Arizona, and the answers are just so Andre. My favorite question was he was asked “Is there anything that’s surpassed your expectations about becoming a dad?”  Andre’s response was, “It melts your heart. It’s something where you never think you can love something so much. When your kid comes in your life you’re able to open up and experience love that’s beyond what you thought possible.  That’s what I found in myself.”  

A Mention of Andre’s Work Off the Field

PCCAB18681CAZRY24ACAOT1ZNZCAK484JUCAFD9VINCAWW4R9NCA6YRV0OCAW2GYUUCAWYT8NLCANSL0W6CATFHTIBCAAAYP3VCAFASZN2CA7N5EY2CANYQR4HCAN8QM0VCA9O2E38CAX7UI78CAYUXTXM.jpgAndre and his wife, Maggie, were awarded last Friday night with a 2K Sports Inspirational Award for their work and support for the organization, Athletes Against Autism. Andre has already impressed his fans with his involvement in the many outreach programs he is currently involved in, but to hear he is involved in this as well, it just makes him even more impressive.

With my work in the classroom, we, as teachers, are faced with students who have every degree of autism.  It is great to know there are athletes out there helping in the cause to help children (and adults) with Autism.   


A Homerun and a First Place

It was great to see Andre back into the swing of things, literally.  With a triple on Tuesday, a 2-run home run on Wednesday, and a walk on Thursday, Andre is doing what Andre does best, getting on base and driving in runs.  The at-bat that was most impressive was the triple because it means his injury is healing just fine. 


With Manny being signed on Wednesday, that just made the Dodgers that much stronger, and if all the starters stay healthy, this lineup can be unstoppable.  From what I have read up to now, I am guessing Andre will either be batting 3,4 or 5th depending on what they do with Manny in the lineup.  If Manny bats 3rd, James Loney and Andre will bat 4th or 5th, and if he bats 4th, Matt Kemp or Andre may bat third. Either way you look at it, this lineup is just fabulous.  When Russell Martin or Casey Blake are going to be batting 7th and 8th, that is a very good thing. 


On another note about Andre. In my last post I had mentioned a song one of my first grade students wrote about Andre.  Well, that song won first place in that category at our school writing festival, and now it is heading to the county level. My class also won three other Dodger-related writing awards. One was a biographical narrative on Jackie Robinson (tie for 1st place), an acrostic poem written for one our beloved Inside the Dodgers bloggers, Dodgereric (first place),and a Friendly Letter which was a thank you letter written to Dodgereric as well (first place). All of these writings will be heading to the county level as well.   


So lots of exciting stuff happening both in Dodger Baseball and in my first grade classroom.    





He’s Back!!!

   After suffering a line drive shot to his heel and taking some time off for his foot to heal properly, it was great to see the lineup this morning and see Andre’s name in as DH for today’s game against the Padres.  Not only was he in the lineup, he had a triple today, which obviously gave me confidence that his recovery efforts are going very well. Andre went 1 for 4 today with a run scored.  The Dodgers ended up defeating the Padres 5-4.  Chad Billingsly pitched two innings with no hits…..just fabulous,and Blake DeWitt hit a two run shot, as well as Mitch Jones hitting his 3rd homerun of this Spring Training season. 

    And I guess we are close to signing Manny, so I am sure we are in for a few days of total media craziness around Dodger Stadium and at Camelback Ranch.  However, nothing is done until Manny signs on the dotted line.  I am hoping that day comes tomorrow. 







My Minime Ethieraholic

     For three full years now, I have introduced my first graders to the love of baseball, with each year adding more and more things to my curriculum to enhance the experience.  Well, as I start out the year, I always stress the love of baseball, rather than the team I cherish most, the Dodgers.  However, for some reason this year, most of my class has latched onto the love of the Dodgers like no other classes have.  Maybe it’s too make me happy, and maybe it’s not, but nonetheless, it’s been a phenomenon. 

     One of many phenomenons related to the Dodgers in my classroom, has been one of my girls who has literally become just like me in the sense she wants to know everything and anything about Andre Ethier.  Now, there are a few others that have joined her in the efforts, but I credit her as being the original.  Everyday she writes a story or draws a picture about or for Andre.  As copied below she even wrote her own song for him.  Andre does know about the song, and it has been posted on his blog, Dining with Dre, as well as Inside the Dodgers and Dodgerlyrics.  So, around ITD she is known as My Minime Ethieraholic. 


PIC-0264[1] (2).jpgSong : You Are Our Andre –
by: Elaina – 1st grader in Mrs. Nelson’s Class
Original Song: You Are My Sunshine
You are our Andre
Our only Andre
You make us happy
When you play ball
You never know ‘Dre
How much we watch you
Please don’t trade our Andre away.

Nothing Really to Report

     We have had a few spring training games already, and Andre has only played in one of them due to a minor injury. 

Ethier came up with a sore heel Thursday morning. He was struck by a batted ball during pregame batting practice while participating in outfield drills and felt discomfort in the morning.  http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20090226&content_id=3888576&vkey=news_la&fext=.jsp&c_id=la

I am hoping he gets back out there soon.  Not that he has to prove anything this season, but it’s always nice to see Andre and Matt Kemp sharing the outfield together. 

Andre Avoids Arbitration

     It was great news today in Dodgerland this morning.  Andre was able to avoid arbitration just minutes before his hearing was scheduled.  He and the Dodgers reached an agreement for 3.1 million dollar, one-year contract with incentives.  I know he deserved what he was asking for, but at least the Dodgers came somewhat towards the middle of what both sides wanted. 

    Now that this issue is out of the way, let the Spring Training games begin – 7 Days, 14 hours left.  Can’t wait to watch some Dodger Blue baseball.   


Arbitration for Andre

    I know I was supposed to begin my “You might be and Ethieraholic if…..” posts, but we still have a few days before Spring Training games start, and I think right now, his arbitration hearing tomorrow, is more important.  It’s probably just another indication that I am an Ethieraholic because this topic of Andre having to go to an Arbitration hearing after the season he had last year is just mind boggling to say the least. 

    I have been very outspoken on this topic on ITD, and I think that it needs to be said here as well.  This is the wrong Dodger player to try to do this to considering what kind of a player he was last season.  IMO, he persevered through one of the most adverse seasons for him and his 2007 season wasn’t a piece of cake either.  He had to compete during Spring Training last season for the left field position when the Dodgers back on December 6th of 2007, acquired centerfielder Andruw Jones, leaving Andre, Matt Kemp and Juan Pierre to compete for the remaining two spots. 

    Eventhough he proved that he should be the everyday left fielder, it didn’t work out that way for the first few months of the season, due to Furcal being on the DL and management feeling Juan Pierre was better suited in the lead-off role.  Andre continued to do what Andre does best, both on and off the field with the many charity organizations he gave his time to in the city of Los Angeles and his own mlblog, Dining With Dre.  He never once complained to the media about playing time and always took his role on the team in stride.  He has been an outstanding athlete, his fans adore him, and it’s just a little frustrating to see him have to go through this because of all that he accomplished last season.  It doesn’t seem too rewarding to take a player that helped get you to the post season and make him go through this process.  It seems more like a punishment IMO.   

    I just wanted to take this time to wish Andre the best in his arbitration hearing tomorrow, and I hope it doesn’t have any negative affects on him, which will encourage him to seek out other offers when he becomes a free agent.  I am a Dodger fan first, but this is one Dodger who I would really hate to lose when he gets a chance to go elsewhere if he chooses.