Sunday Stats

I thought on Sundays I would just focus on stats.  I keep stats on the Dodger outfielders so since this is blog is about Andre, I thought I would just focus on his.  Andre has had an incredible week of baseball, and the stats are beginning to speak for themselves anyway. 

As of today, Andre’s 2009 season stats are as follows:

Games – 13

At Bats – 47

TPAs – 59 (2nd in the NL behind leader Pujols with 60)

NP – 254 (1st in the NL, and Pujols is 2nd with 239)  Shows patience at the plate with an average of 4.30 pitches per PA.

Runs – 11 (8th in the NL behind the leaders Pujols and Bonafacio with 13)

Hits – 14 (28th in the NL behind leader, our very own O-Dog with 20)

XBH – 7 (10th in the NL behind leaders Ibanez and Sanchez with 10)

HRs – 4 (Tied for 2nd in the NL with 3 others, and there are 4 others tied at 1st with 5)


TB – 29 (9th in the NL behind leader Ibanez with 38)

BB – 9 (10th in the NL behind Dunn with 17)

SO – 9 (46th and that’s a good thing)

SB – 1 (tied with a whole bunch of players right now with one behind the leaders with 4, which two are own Matt Kemp and O-Dog)

OBP – .424

SLG – .617 (13th in the NL behind leader Ibanez with n.864)

AVE – .298

SF – 1

HBP – 2

IBB – 3 (tied with Manny for 2nd behind leader Pujols with 4)

GIDP – 3 (tied with a bunch of players behind the leaders Russell Martin and Ibanez with 4)

OPS – 1.041


Overall so far Andre has had a wonderful start to this 2009 season. 



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