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My Minime Ethieraholic

     For three full years now, I have introduced my first graders to the love of baseball, with each year adding more and more things to my curriculum to enhance the experience.  Well, as I start out the year, I always stress the love of baseball, rather than the team I cherish most, the Dodgers.  However, for some reason this year, most of my class has latched onto the love of the Dodgers like no other classes have.  Maybe it’s too make me happy, and maybe it’s not, but nonetheless, it’s been a phenomenon. 

     One of many phenomenons related to the Dodgers in my classroom, has been one of my girls who has literally become just like me in the sense she wants to know everything and anything about Andre Ethier.  Now, there are a few others that have joined her in the efforts, but I credit her as being the original.  Everyday she writes a story or draws a picture about or for Andre.  As copied below she even wrote her own song for him.  Andre does know about the song, and it has been posted on his blog, Dining with Dre, as well as Inside the Dodgers and Dodgerlyrics.  So, around ITD she is known as My Minime Ethieraholic. 


PIC-0264[1] (2).jpgSong : You Are Our Andre –
by: Elaina – 1st grader in Mrs. Nelson’s Class
Original Song: You Are My Sunshine
You are our Andre
Our only Andre
You make us happy
When you play ball
You never know ‘Dre
How much we watch you
Please don’t trade our Andre away.


You Might Be an Ethieraholic if……..

Here are a few things that might be an indication that you are an Ethieraholic. 

1.  Your blog name has or has had Andre’s name and or number attached to it. (ex. nelly16 or nellyae16)

2.  You have memorized all of his vital stats – 6’2″, 210 lbs, DOB 4-10-82, and can access his stats within seconds of being asked.  (Believe me, I can)

3.  You own at least a dozen pictures of Andre and/or have more pictures of him and the Dodgers than you do of your significant other. (Try close to 100)

4.  You have Andre Ethier googled once a day or you have an Andre Ethier google alert. (That would be both for me)

5.  You check Andre’s blog “Dining With Dre” at least once a day to see if anyone has added a comment or Andre has put in a new entry. (at least once a day)

6.  You have an inanimate object named after him (ie…..Ethierbear (pictured with me), which happens to be a classroom bear in which the students named him)

7.  You have stood in line for at least 30 minutes to get an autograph from Andre.  (Try 4 hours when he was at the AT&T store last August, and the scary thing is we still weren’t the first ones in line). 

8.  You have paid for at least one item that was signed by Andre. (A jersey and several baseball cards) 

9.  You have several articles of clothing/jewelery that either have Andre’s name or number on them.  (4 t-shirts, 2 jerseys and one stuffed teddy bear) 

10.  You have been a fan of Andre’s ever since he became a Dodger, and that you want him to remain a Dodger and become part of this young gun dynasty that is about ready to take over this Dodger Franchise and make it their own.  (definitely!!!!) 

If you can admit to at least half of these things, I am not saying, but you just might be an Ethieraholic.     


Arbitration for Andre

    I know I was supposed to begin my “You might be and Ethieraholic if…..” posts, but we still have a few days before Spring Training games start, and I think right now, his arbitration hearing tomorrow, is more important.  It’s probably just another indication that I am an Ethieraholic because this topic of Andre having to go to an Arbitration hearing after the season he had last year is just mind boggling to say the least. 

    I have been very outspoken on this topic on ITD, and I think that it needs to be said here as well.  This is the wrong Dodger player to try to do this to considering what kind of a player he was last season.  IMO, he persevered through one of the most adverse seasons for him and his 2007 season wasn’t a piece of cake either.  He had to compete during Spring Training last season for the left field position when the Dodgers back on December 6th of 2007, acquired centerfielder Andruw Jones, leaving Andre, Matt Kemp and Juan Pierre to compete for the remaining two spots. 

    Eventhough he proved that he should be the everyday left fielder, it didn’t work out that way for the first few months of the season, due to Furcal being on the DL and management feeling Juan Pierre was better suited in the lead-off role.  Andre continued to do what Andre does best, both on and off the field with the many charity organizations he gave his time to in the city of Los Angeles and his own mlblog, Dining With Dre.  He never once complained to the media about playing time and always took his role on the team in stride.  He has been an outstanding athlete, his fans adore him, and it’s just a little frustrating to see him have to go through this because of all that he accomplished last season.  It doesn’t seem too rewarding to take a player that helped get you to the post season and make him go through this process.  It seems more like a punishment IMO.   

    I just wanted to take this time to wish Andre the best in his arbitration hearing tomorrow, and I hope it doesn’t have any negative affects on him, which will encourage him to seek out other offers when he becomes a free agent.  I am a Dodger fan first, but this is one Dodger who I would really hate to lose when he gets a chance to go elsewhere if he chooses.