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My Minime Ethieraholic

     For three full years now, I have introduced my first graders to the love of baseball, with each year adding more and more things to my curriculum to enhance the experience.  Well, as I start out the year, I always stress the love of baseball, rather than the team I cherish most, the Dodgers.  However, for some reason this year, most of my class has latched onto the love of the Dodgers like no other classes have.  Maybe it’s too make me happy, and maybe it’s not, but nonetheless, it’s been a phenomenon. 

     One of many phenomenons related to the Dodgers in my classroom, has been one of my girls who has literally become just like me in the sense she wants to know everything and anything about Andre Ethier.  Now, there are a few others that have joined her in the efforts, but I credit her as being the original.  Everyday she writes a story or draws a picture about or for Andre.  As copied below she even wrote her own song for him.  Andre does know about the song, and it has been posted on his blog, Dining with Dre, as well as Inside the Dodgers and Dodgerlyrics.  So, around ITD she is known as My Minime Ethieraholic. 


PIC-0264[1] (2).jpgSong : You Are Our Andre –
by: Elaina – 1st grader in Mrs. Nelson’s Class
Original Song: You Are My Sunshine
You are our Andre
Our only Andre
You make us happy
When you play ball
You never know ‘Dre
How much we watch you
Please don’t trade our Andre away.


Where Did it Come From?

I am a Dodger fan who lives in the central valley of California who not only lives in Giant country, but lives with Giants fans. I have been a Dodger fan my whole life, but in the recent years, I have become more than just a casual fan. It’s probably more like borderline obsessed, but I would assume anybody writing their own mlblog is most likely obsessed themselves. What has turned me into a Dodger fanatic is my involvement in the official blog of the Dodgers “Inside the Dodgers” or as we call it ITD.

When I initially became involved with ITD, it was because I was having some major issues with the way playing time was being handled when it came to Andre. Now, having been a regular on ITD for almost a year now, the Dodgers and ITD have become part of everyday life. However, the fanatic Andre fan in me still remains and because of that and others on ITD with the same fanatic behavior, the name Ethieraholic was created. It’s creator of the term is dodgereric, who is also a regular on ITD and is the creator of another Dodger blog, dodgerlyrics. So, I am using the term with permsission from him of course.

In my opinion, Andre is one of the best ballplayers out there, with the heart and passion to match, who just manages to fall under the radar when good things happen for him. I am sure he doesn’t mind, but his faithful followers do mind. We want Andre to shine like the star athlete he can and will be if he is just given the chance. So, my intent with this blog is to show my love for the boys in blue while writing about my favorite boy in blue, Andre Ethier.