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What a Day for Kersh!……and Andre Talk of Course!

Not only did Clayton Kershaw celebrate his 21st birthday, but he hit his first major league home run as well.  However, in terms of pitching, he pitched five complete scoreless innings.  So, if you are a Dodger fan, pitching is pretty much a priority right now, and that might even be more important than the homerun he hit.


As for Andre….finally a good day at the plate and on the field from what I was told. He went 2 for 4 with a run scored and an amazing sliding catch on the defensive end of things.  It was good just seeing and hearing he made contact all four times at the plate, whether caught stealing/picked off or not versus the three strikeouts against Oakland earlier in the week. 


On another note.  I got my first Dodgers Magazine today, and it’s just fabulous.  It made me excited about getting the regular season started.  Also, the pictures taken from Camelback Ranch were spectacular.  There were some great articles, and it’s always good to look at all the photos of  the players and such.  There is a great article featuring Andre.  He is asked nine questions about his home state of Arizona, and the answers are just so Andre. My favorite question was he was asked “Is there anything that’s surpassed your expectations about becoming a dad?”  Andre’s response was, “It melts your heart. It’s something where you never think you can love something so much. When your kid comes in your life you’re able to open up and experience love that’s beyond what you thought possible.  That’s what I found in myself.”