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A Homerun and a First Place

It was great to see Andre back into the swing of things, literally.  With a triple on Tuesday, a 2-run home run on Wednesday, and a walk on Thursday, Andre is doing what Andre does best, getting on base and driving in runs.  The at-bat that was most impressive was the triple because it means his injury is healing just fine. 


With Manny being signed on Wednesday, that just made the Dodgers that much stronger, and if all the starters stay healthy, this lineup can be unstoppable.  From what I have read up to now, I am guessing Andre will either be batting 3,4 or 5th depending on what they do with Manny in the lineup.  If Manny bats 3rd, James Loney and Andre will bat 4th or 5th, and if he bats 4th, Matt Kemp or Andre may bat third. Either way you look at it, this lineup is just fabulous.  When Russell Martin or Casey Blake are going to be batting 7th and 8th, that is a very good thing. 


On another note about Andre. In my last post I had mentioned a song one of my first grade students wrote about Andre.  Well, that song won first place in that category at our school writing festival, and now it is heading to the county level. My class also won three other Dodger-related writing awards. One was a biographical narrative on Jackie Robinson (tie for 1st place), an acrostic poem written for one our beloved Inside the Dodgers bloggers, Dodgereric (first place),and a Friendly Letter which was a thank you letter written to Dodgereric as well (first place). All of these writings will be heading to the county level as well.   


So lots of exciting stuff happening both in Dodger Baseball and in my first grade classroom.