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A Mention of Andre’s Work Off the Field

PCCAB18681CAZRY24ACAOT1ZNZCAK484JUCAFD9VINCAWW4R9NCA6YRV0OCAW2GYUUCAWYT8NLCANSL0W6CATFHTIBCAAAYP3VCAFASZN2CA7N5EY2CANYQR4HCAN8QM0VCA9O2E38CAX7UI78CAYUXTXM.jpgAndre and his wife, Maggie, were awarded last Friday night with a 2K Sports Inspirational Award for their work and support for the organization, Athletes Against Autism. Andre has already impressed his fans with his involvement in the many outreach programs he is currently involved in, but to hear he is involved in this as well, it just makes him even more impressive.

With my work in the classroom, we, as teachers, are faced with students who have every degree of autism.  It is great to know there are athletes out there helping in the cause to help children (and adults) with Autism.