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#20 and Going Strong


I know it’s been a while, a real long while since I wrote my last entry, and I will try to be better.  I spend most of my time on Inside the Dodgers blogging with my Dodger Buddies over there.  I have had writers block when it comes to writing on here.  Many have said Andre has been slumping in terms of batting average, and I feel I have been slumping in the writing department. 

Anyhow, enough about me.  I know last night’s game was all about Manny’s Grand Slam, but I will let all the other blogs talk about that.  Andre, in his own right, reached another milestone last night.  He has had a few this season already………….a few walk-off games, a few games with multiple home runs and a couple games with back to back home runs.  Last night he reached his 20th homerun of the season, which matches his season high from last year.  With 2+ months left to go in the regular season, Andre is very capable of hitting 30-35 before the season is done. 

Andre is currently leading the Dodgers in homeruns and RBIs, and he is 10th in HR’s for the National League and he is tied for 19th with three others in the entire league.  With the exception of Albert Puljols, who has 34, all the others in the National League have 25 or less.  So, Andre can easily be in the top 5 in the NL by the end of the season if he keeps this pace up. 

As for the Dodgers as a team, they are looking pretty good on all fronts.  Those of us talking on ITD feel that we may need to strengthen pitching, but most are in agreement that we don’t want to give up the farm to get a SP.  We are hoping for the best as our GM will be taking it down to the wire before making a deal, if one is to be made. 

So, until next time, which will hopefully be sooner than later, I wish you and which every team you are a part of, the best.  Dodgers are my favorite team, but I am a fan of baseball, and a good player or a good team is fun to watch regardless of your ties to a certain team.  Yes, we all have our rivals, but it’s still great to see good baseball played.  On that note, I would like to congratulate Mark Buehrle, of the Chicago White Sox, for his perfect game today.  Now, that is good baseball!!!