About nellyjune

I am a native Californian who lives in the
Central Valley. I not only live in Giants country, but I live
with Giants fans. I have been a Dodger fan my entire life,
but in the last three years or so, I have went from being a
casual fan to a very informed and involved fan mostly through
the Dodgers official blog, “Inside the Dodgers.” In addition
to my life as a Dodger fan, I am a first grade teacher (who
has brought MLB into the classroom), a mom to two teenagers
and a wife. I love watching baseball, whether it’s the
Dodgers, Pac 10 College Baseball, or just out watching my son
pitch and play for his highschool. In addition to my first
love of the Dodgers, I enjoy watching Redskins football and
watching NASCAR with the Joe Gibbs Racing Team with drivers
Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch.


Dodger Baseball, Redskins Football, NASCAR
and horseracing. I love to cook, bake, do word puzzles,
sudoku, reading and music of all kinds.