Wow!! What a day for Dodger Baseball!!!


You couldn’t have asked for a better Home Opening Day 2009 then beating the Giants 11-1. I live with Giants fans so these wins are even more satisfying. 

Let’s start with pitching.  Chad Billingsly did an outstanding job on the mound today.  Since I live in the Central Valley in California, I am stuck watching the games with Giants announcers. In their post game show, they had nothing but wonderful things to say about Billz, and the way he pitched today, along with what is to be expected from him throughout this season. Billz pitched 7 innings with 11 K’s.  Just fabulous!!! In a quote from Andre on the game…….

“I don’t think the cycle was the marquee,” said Ethier. “It was Chad, the way he pitched.”


As for the cycle…….O-Dog, O-Dog, O-Dog………wow!!!  The first Dodger since Wes Parker in 1970 to hit for the cycle.  Welcome to the Dodgers!!!


Now onto Andre.  Boy, did he have a fabulous day!!  When his first AB was a strikeout, I got a little anxious thinking, “oh no, it’s going to be one of those days.”  However, the bottom of the 4th inning dispelled any worries I had. That ball Randy pitched was one of those picture perfect pitches that Andre has teed off on so many times before. That beautiful left-handed swing with the power behind it is just so fun to watch. Then to top it off, he did it twice in one game off both left-handed pitchers.  I still think one of the most impressive things that has happened to Andre since the season started is him being intentionally walked (2 times) and all the pitching around that happens to him.  You know you’ve made it when pitchers are afraid to pitch to you.   




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