It’s Finally Underway!!

  The 2009 season is underway with 1 in the books and number 2 in progress right now.  I celebrated “Opening Day 2009” with my first grade class just like I did last year.  All year I do baseball geography, but today, the whole day is devoted to baseball and the MLB so all of the curriculum for the day includes it as well, down to a fun dice game teaching the students about how to keep score and doing a little math as well. 

tn[2].jpg   Now onto the Dodgers.  The game last night was fabulous not because we beat the Padres, but because we beat Jake Peavy, pitcher for the Padres.  In addition to our fantastic pitching yesterday, our young guns got it done as well.  James had a fabulous night, Matt had an incredible night and Andre had a key RBI showing all that he can make pitchers pay who try and walk Manny.  It was just an all around great game to start off what I am sure will be a remarkable season for our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. 




  1. jhallwally

    I Love It Nelly!!! Well done. I admire you, your family, and your teaching prowess!!! Keep it up, you will certainly make a difference.

  2. Dodger4life

    The young guns have a great season ahead of them I believe Nelly. Andre seems to have settled in to the 4th spot nicely. GO DODGERS!!!!!

  3. digthedodgers

    Nelly ~ I also think this will be a special year! (Then again, I usually do…) Congrats on yesterday’s great performance by your son. Take care.
    Go Dodgers!!!

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