A Birthday of a Dodger Player and the Birthday of Dodger Stadium

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRE!!!!  Today our Everyday Dre’ turns 27. This is the age where most mlb players make their mark, and I have no doubts Andre will make his this year.  Just in the last two games, he has been walked 5 times and today was hit by a pitch.  Whether these are intentional or not, it’s obvious that pitchers view Andre as a threat and pitch to him accordingly.

The Dodgers are playing the Diamondbacks today.  So, not only will Andre be celebrating his 27th birthday, he will be celebrating it in his hometown. 

Like I have said before, I have a class full of Dodger fans, and some of them have taken to the Ethieraholic status for themselves.  The don’t call themselves Ethieraholics (they don’t even know I am one).  They just know every detail of his baseball player being…………….all the stats.  Each student did their own card for Andre, which have been sent to him, but here is a picture of a few of the best that were done.  



Not only is this Andre Ethier’s birthday, it is also the Birthday of Dodger Stadium.  On April 10, 1962, Dodger Stadium opened its gates to a crowd of 52,564.  The Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds and lost that game 6-3.  Here is a link to one of the best websites if you are a Dodger fan or just a baseball fan who loves the history.  This explains the opening day at Dodger Stadium in much more detail than I ever could here, with some great photos as well.   








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