It’s Only Going to Get Better

Since the Dodgers didn’t have a game today, I wasn’t going to do an entry. However, after seeing today’s headline on the Dodgers Homepage, I had to.

Congratulations Andre on being named NL Player of the Week.  I am going to let the article speak for itself.




Sunday Stats

I thought on Sundays I would just focus on stats.  I keep stats on the Dodger outfielders so since this is blog is about Andre, I thought I would just focus on his.  Andre has had an incredible week of baseball, and the stats are beginning to speak for themselves anyway. 

As of today, Andre’s 2009 season stats are as follows:

Games – 13

At Bats – 47

TPAs – 59 (2nd in the NL behind leader Pujols with 60)

NP – 254 (1st in the NL, and Pujols is 2nd with 239)  Shows patience at the plate with an average of 4.30 pitches per PA.

Runs – 11 (8th in the NL behind the leaders Pujols and Bonafacio with 13)

Hits – 14 (28th in the NL behind leader, our very own O-Dog with 20)

XBH – 7 (10th in the NL behind leaders Ibanez and Sanchez with 10)

HRs – 4 (Tied for 2nd in the NL with 3 others, and there are 4 others tied at 1st with 5)


TB – 29 (9th in the NL behind leader Ibanez with 38)

BB – 9 (10th in the NL behind Dunn with 17)

SO – 9 (46th and that’s a good thing)

SB – 1 (tied with a whole bunch of players right now with one behind the leaders with 4, which two are own Matt Kemp and O-Dog)

OBP – .424

SLG – .617 (13th in the NL behind leader Ibanez with n.864)

AVE – .298

SF – 1

HBP – 2

IBB – 3 (tied with Manny for 2nd behind leader Pujols with 4)

GIDP – 3 (tied with a bunch of players behind the leaders Russell Martin and Ibanez with 4)

OPS – 1.041


Overall so far Andre has had a wonderful start to this 2009 season. 


Everyday Dre’

Some of us on ITD (Inside the Dodgers) call Andre Everyday Dre’ because that is exactly what he is.  Everyday he is in the lineup he makes something happen, whether it’s with the bat, in right field, or his amazing impact in the community (both in Los Angeles and Phoenix). He was given the name about this time last year (maybe a little later) by one of our favorite ITD bloggers dcollins.  This was during the time he was kind of being jerked around the lineup or not even in the lineup at all, due to management thinking others players deserved playing time over Andre, but as the 2008 season rolled on, management found out that wasn’t the case.  Andre needed to be out there because he made things happen everytime he took the field.

Last night’s game was a perfect example.  Through seven innings, I was thinking Andre just isn’t getting it done, but then he always pulls through and gets it done, and I feel guilty for doubting it.  I know he is going to have his bad days.  They all do, but I am hoping for him this season they are few and far between. 

On another note about last night’s game. I saw the interview they did with Andre after the game, and anytime he is asked about his performance, whether it’s a good day or not, he always compliments the pitching.  He didn’t make excuses for his first three at bats.  He complimented DeLaRosa on a great job in pitching instead.  He also mentioned the maturity in the team, which I think is becoming pretty evident.  This is going to be another great season to be a Dodger fan.


One more thing.  I was at the game on Thursday night, and I don’t think there is too many things in life much better than being at Dodger Stadium watching Dodger baseball.  The one thing that made it even better this time, is I got to be there with my family, who I love eventhough they are Giants fans, and Dodgereric (one of my blogging buddies on ITD) and his family, who are just wonderful.  Thank you Eric, Chris and Matt for making it an extra special game.  


Wow!! What a day for Dodger Baseball!!!


You couldn’t have asked for a better Home Opening Day 2009 then beating the Giants 11-1. I live with Giants fans so these wins are even more satisfying. 

Let’s start with pitching.  Chad Billingsly did an outstanding job on the mound today.  Since I live in the Central Valley in California, I am stuck watching the games with Giants announcers. In their post game show, they had nothing but wonderful things to say about Billz, and the way he pitched today, along with what is to be expected from him throughout this season. Billz pitched 7 innings with 11 K’s.  Just fabulous!!! In a quote from Andre on the game…….

“I don’t think the cycle was the marquee,” said Ethier. “It was Chad, the way he pitched.”


As for the cycle…….O-Dog, O-Dog, O-Dog………wow!!!  The first Dodger since Wes Parker in 1970 to hit for the cycle.  Welcome to the Dodgers!!!


Now onto Andre.  Boy, did he have a fabulous day!!  When his first AB was a strikeout, I got a little anxious thinking, “oh no, it’s going to be one of those days.”  However, the bottom of the 4th inning dispelled any worries I had. That ball Randy pitched was one of those picture perfect pitches that Andre has teed off on so many times before. That beautiful left-handed swing with the power behind it is just so fun to watch. Then to top it off, he did it twice in one game off both left-handed pitchers.  I still think one of the most impressive things that has happened to Andre since the season started is him being intentionally walked (2 times) and all the pitching around that happens to him.  You know you’ve made it when pitchers are afraid to pitch to you.   



A Birthday of a Dodger Player and the Birthday of Dodger Stadium

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDRE!!!!  Today our Everyday Dre’ turns 27. This is the age where most mlb players make their mark, and I have no doubts Andre will make his this year.  Just in the last two games, he has been walked 5 times and today was hit by a pitch.  Whether these are intentional or not, it’s obvious that pitchers view Andre as a threat and pitch to him accordingly.

The Dodgers are playing the Diamondbacks today.  So, not only will Andre be celebrating his 27th birthday, he will be celebrating it in his hometown. 

Like I have said before, I have a class full of Dodger fans, and some of them have taken to the Ethieraholic status for themselves.  The don’t call themselves Ethieraholics (they don’t even know I am one).  They just know every detail of his baseball player being…………….all the stats.  Each student did their own card for Andre, which have been sent to him, but here is a picture of a few of the best that were done.  



Not only is this Andre Ethier’s birthday, it is also the Birthday of Dodger Stadium.  On April 10, 1962, Dodger Stadium opened its gates to a crowd of 52,564.  The Dodgers played the Cincinnati Reds and lost that game 6-3.  Here is a link to one of the best websites if you are a Dodger fan or just a baseball fan who loves the history.  This explains the opening day at Dodger Stadium in much more detail than I ever could here, with some great photos as well.






It’s Finally Underway!!

  The 2009 season is underway with 1 in the books and number 2 in progress right now.  I celebrated “Opening Day 2009” with my first grade class just like I did last year.  All year I do baseball geography, but today, the whole day is devoted to baseball and the MLB so all of the curriculum for the day includes it as well, down to a fun dice game teaching the students about how to keep score and doing a little math as well. 

tn[2].jpg   Now onto the Dodgers.  The game last night was fabulous not because we beat the Padres, but because we beat Jake Peavy, pitcher for the Padres.  In addition to our fantastic pitching yesterday, our young guns got it done as well.  James had a fabulous night, Matt had an incredible night and Andre had a key RBI showing all that he can make pitchers pay who try and walk Manny.  It was just an all around great game to start off what I am sure will be a remarkable season for our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. 


What a Day for Kersh!……and Andre Talk of Course!

Not only did Clayton Kershaw celebrate his 21st birthday, but he hit his first major league home run as well.  However, in terms of pitching, he pitched five complete scoreless innings.  So, if you are a Dodger fan, pitching is pretty much a priority right now, and that might even be more important than the homerun he hit.


As for Andre….finally a good day at the plate and on the field from what I was told. He went 2 for 4 with a run scored and an amazing sliding catch on the defensive end of things.  It was good just seeing and hearing he made contact all four times at the plate, whether caught stealing/picked off or not versus the three strikeouts against Oakland earlier in the week. 


On another note.  I got my first Dodgers Magazine today, and it’s just fabulous.  It made me excited about getting the regular season started.  Also, the pictures taken from Camelback Ranch were spectacular.  There were some great articles, and it’s always good to look at all the photos of  the players and such.  There is a great article featuring Andre.  He is asked nine questions about his home state of Arizona, and the answers are just so Andre. My favorite question was he was asked “Is there anything that’s surpassed your expectations about becoming a dad?”  Andre’s response was, “It melts your heart. It’s something where you never think you can love something so much. When your kid comes in your life you’re able to open up and experience love that’s beyond what you thought possible.  That’s what I found in myself.”  

Spring Training Update

Well, I just have to start off by saying I am glad this is only spring training.  Having said that, I am hoping Andre is just slumping early this season, and he gets it out of the way now instead of in June, July or August when he will be needed most.  If Andre were competing with Juan Pierre like he was last year, then his numbers would be really bothering me right now, but I think Joe Torre has realized over the course of last season who the better all-around outfielders is. Like I said, I am glad this is spring training so the boys can get all the kinks worked out now before the hit they field for real on April 6th….Opening Day 2009 

A Mention of Andre’s Work Off the Field

PCCAB18681CAZRY24ACAOT1ZNZCAK484JUCAFD9VINCAWW4R9NCA6YRV0OCAW2GYUUCAWYT8NLCANSL0W6CATFHTIBCAAAYP3VCAFASZN2CA7N5EY2CANYQR4HCAN8QM0VCA9O2E38CAX7UI78CAYUXTXM.jpgAndre and his wife, Maggie, were awarded last Friday night with a 2K Sports Inspirational Award for their work and support for the organization, Athletes Against Autism. Andre has already impressed his fans with his involvement in the many outreach programs he is currently involved in, but to hear he is involved in this as well, it just makes him even more impressive.

With my work in the classroom, we, as teachers, are faced with students who have every degree of autism.  It is great to know there are athletes out there helping in the cause to help children (and adults) with Autism.   


A Homerun and a First Place

It was great to see Andre back into the swing of things, literally.  With a triple on Tuesday, a 2-run home run on Wednesday, and a walk on Thursday, Andre is doing what Andre does best, getting on base and driving in runs.  The at-bat that was most impressive was the triple because it means his injury is healing just fine. 


With Manny being signed on Wednesday, that just made the Dodgers that much stronger, and if all the starters stay healthy, this lineup can be unstoppable.  From what I have read up to now, I am guessing Andre will either be batting 3,4 or 5th depending on what they do with Manny in the lineup.  If Manny bats 3rd, James Loney and Andre will bat 4th or 5th, and if he bats 4th, Matt Kemp or Andre may bat third. Either way you look at it, this lineup is just fabulous.  When Russell Martin or Casey Blake are going to be batting 7th and 8th, that is a very good thing. 


On another note about Andre. In my last post I had mentioned a song one of my first grade students wrote about Andre.  Well, that song won first place in that category at our school writing festival, and now it is heading to the county level. My class also won three other Dodger-related writing awards. One was a biographical narrative on Jackie Robinson (tie for 1st place), an acrostic poem written for one our beloved Inside the Dodgers bloggers, Dodgereric (first place),and a Friendly Letter which was a thank you letter written to Dodgereric as well (first place). All of these writings will be heading to the county level as well.   


So lots of exciting stuff happening both in Dodger Baseball and in my first grade classroom.